Speaker Series

The Defend Life lecture series normally occurs throughout the 'school year' (Sept-May) with a break for December.

Contact Jack Ames (410-337-3721) if you would like to have an inspiring pro-life speaker at your church, school or organization. We are currently looking for churches and schools to host speakers for our April and May speakers.  For more information see our Upcoming Events page.

In addition, Defend Life has a number of local speakers who are avaiable on short notice. To find out more visit our Local Speakers page.

Defend Life is in need of at least one volunteer to function as team leader for the speaker series and perhaps 3-4 volunteers to do 'leg work'. All that is needed is attention to detail, some computer literacy and a heart for pro-life work. Please contact us if interested.

Here is a list of speakers Defend Life has sponsored in the past. To order a single FREE copy of CD, send your name, mailing address, and phone number, if we need to call you, to cds@defendlife.org. For postal mail ordering information, see our Resources page for instructions.  

(For all upcoming lecture series events see under What's New on the main homepage)


Father Paul CB Schenck
Steven W. Mosher
Monsignor Stuart Swetland
Winter - Spring Lecture Series: (Schenck) National Pro-Life Action Center, (Mosher) Russia: Coming in from the Cold; From Abortion to Life, (Swetland) Pro-Life Speaker: Catholic Mission and Identity at Mount Saint Mary’s in Emmitsburg, Maryland February-April 2012
Monica Miller
Eric Scheidler
Melissa Ohden
Fall Lecture Series: (Miller) Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars, (Scheidler) Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood, (Ohden) Survivor of a Failed Saline Abortion in 1977, founder and director of For Olivia’s Sake September-November 2011
Stuart Swetland
The Churches Teaching on Euthanasia April 2011
Professor Charles Rice The Challenge to the Catholic Church during the Obama Regime March 2011
Father Paul CB Schenck USA: Pro_Life Before the Next Election February 2011
Andy Harris
Taking Back America January 2011
Brian Clowes, PHD Fighting Abortion Worldwide November 2010
James Likoudis Parents: Enemies of the Secular State October 2010
Lila Rose Exposing Planned Parenthood by Going Undercover September 2010

Fr. Paul Schenck

Beyond Politics:  The Future of Abortion

April 2010

E. Michael Jones

How the Late, Great Notre Dame Went South!

March 2010

Chris Slattery

How To Save 2000 Babies Each Year

February 2010

Rev Andrew Apostoli, CFR

Archbishop Fulton Sheen: Future Patron of Pro-life Movement

November 2009

Patrick Reilly

Keeping America's Catholic Colleges Catholic

October 2009

Michael Clancy

THE Real Story: How I took what became the most significant picture in the history of the PRO-LIFE movement

September 2009

Brian Gail

Talk on his book Fatherless

April 2009

Msgr. Stuart Swetland

The Catholic Virtue of Patriotis: What authentic citizens should do during difficult times

March 2009

Fr. Paul Schenck

How new Republican and Democrats will reverse Roe v. Wade

February 2009

Rev Phillip Chavez, SOLT

Every Man's Summons - Defender of Life and Family

January 2009

Mark Bomchill

Coming in From the Darkness  - Fmr Deathscort

November 2008

Father Thomas Koys

The Ashes Still Remain

October 2008

Joseph Meaney

The World-Wide war against Baby Girls

September 2008

Troy Newman

Ending Abortion in Kansas

July 2008

David Bereit

Pro-Life 2.0 Exciting new developments to end all abortions in America

May 2008

Msgr. Swetland

The Theology and Pastoral Vision of Pope Benedict XVI

April 2008

Tom Strobhar

The Unholy Alliance: How Corporate America Supports Abortion, Pornography, and the Homosexual Lifestyle

March 2008

Paul Schenck

Our Journey to the Hill

February 2008

Mark Crutcher

Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life: Who is Winning?

January 2008

Rev. Tom Euteneuer

The Demonic Abortion Connection

December 2007

Mary Ann Kuharski

Keeping Your Kids Catholic

November 2007

Msgr. Swetland

Keeping our Students Catholic

April 2007

Rabbi Yehudah Levin

New Ecumenism: Sharing Our Common Moral Values

March 2007

Mary Healy, S.T.D.

Contraception: Why Not? Catholic Dating and Marriage Practices in Light of the Theology of the Body

January 2007

Brian Clowes, PhD

Demographic impacts of abortion

November 2006

David Bereit

How to Keep Planned Parenthood out of your community

November 2006

Mary Ann Kuharski

Outnumbered: Raising 13 Kids with Prayer and Humor

February 2006

Molly Kelly and Marck Houck

Chastity: The New Sexual Revolution

November 2005

Barry Sullivan

Sowing Seeds in the Fields of Life & Harvesting a Lifetime of Joy

October 2005

Fr. Paul Schenck

Eating Our Children: What is wrong with Embryonic Stem Cell Research

September 2005

Jenny Maas

Conceived in rape

April 2005

Kim Marshall

Chastity, Why Not?

March 2005

William Hogan M.D.

Tales of a Courageous Pro-Life OB-GYN

January 2005

Stephanie Gray

Pro-Life Apologetics: Echoes of the Holocaust

November 2004

Bud McFarlane, Sr

Catholic Families: The Foundation & Future of the Church.  

November 2004

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer

Fighting the Culture of Death around the world

October 2004

Stephanie Gray

How to Convert Our Pro-Abortion Friends

April 2004

Joseph Scheidler

Closed: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion

March 2004

Michael Schwartz

The Road to a Human Life Amendment Revisited

February 2004

Bernadette Smyth

How We Kept Abortion Out of Northern Ireland

January 2004

Vera Faith Lord

Through the Eyes of a Post-Abortive Woman

October 2003

Scott Kluesendorf

Pro-Life 101, Making Abortion Unthinkable

October 2003

Fr. Dennis Wilde

Understanding, Engaging and Fighting the Abortion War at Home

May 2003

Michael Schwartz

The Road to a Human Life Amendment

February 2003

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